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Online Baccarat gameplay

As with many other casino games such as online roulette, there is no foolproof online baccarat strategy. You should be wary of any website that promises you a sure-fire win. However, it is advisable to know the rules and follow some basic guidelines. This does not mean that if we follow these guidelines we will win for sure, but at least we will have a better chance of winning.

There is no such thing as perfect tactics in the casino, otherwise the game in question would have already been retired. We must never forget: the banker wins in the long run.

1. Forget the last hands

It is very common to see in land-based casinos how baccarat players write down what happens in each of the hands and then bet according to what happened. What’s more, the gambling halls themselves often provide the player with a pen and paper. In the online mode, the history of the last hands played is made available to the internet user.

Do we really think that this is useful? Do we really think that the casino would give us all these facilities if it worked? Obviously not. Let’s say it again: if there was a system that guaranteed profits in baccarat, or in any other game, casinos would be ruined.

Each hand has the same odds as the previous one, regardless of the moves that precede it.

2. Betting with the dealer

On the face of it, and remembering that there is no foolproof strategy, we can say that it is best to bet on the banker winning, as the house edge in that case is only 1.17%.

However, it has to be recognised that, in the case of betting on the player, the percentage for the banker would only amount to 1.36%. If we bet on the draw, it is 14.12%.

After drawing conclusions we can say that statistically it is better to bet on the banker, even if the advantage is only slightly higher. The only baccarat strategy that is based on mathematical principles is this: always bet on the dealer’s hand to minimise the casino’s advantage.

3. Don’t try to count cards

There are certain similarities between baccarat and blackjack; this leads one to believe that baccarat is also a card-counting game. This is not the case. Mathematicians and gambling experts will attest to this.

And if there is still anyone who does not believe it, we will give you a convincing proof of this, which, once again, is based on the hackneyed phrase “the dealer always wins”. In blackjack, where card counting has been proven to be profitable, it is forbidden. In baccarat, it is not.

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