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Play Video Poker for free and start enjoying this exciting game without having to make any deposit, and this way, you will get to know it in detail without having risked your money. We offer you two types of games you can play for free online: Jacks or Better and Video poker for free.

Video Poker Glossary

Casino and gambling games often have a unique language and knowing this glossary of words can help you better understand each game and its features.

Below is a list of the most commonly known and used Video Poker terms:

Betting Pool

The total amount you can bet on your games. It is convenient and necessary to know your total betting limit and to keep this money separate from the money you do not want to invest in betting.


A game offers special bonuses for hitting certain types of hands. This word can also refer to welcome or loyalty bonuses, which are extra money added to your account as a result of signing up or playing for a period of time at a specific online casino.


How many hands should you play to hit the jackpot? A typical jackpot cycle would be 40,000 hands, although playing 40,000 hands will of course not guarantee that you will hit the jackpot.

Full Pay

A machine that offers the highest payouts for certain plays. Also called 9/6 machines because they pay nine coins per full house and six per flush.

Inside Straight Draw

A straight flush that can only be completed by cards of a single number. For example, if the screen shows 8 9 T 4 Q, you can discard the 4 and hope to receive one of the four Jacks you need to complete the inside straight flush draw. This style of play is not recommended as it is really difficult to get a card to complete the straight.

House Advantage

The amount the House expects to win for every dollar wagered. If a game has a House edge of 5 percent, then the casino will win 5 cents on average for every dollar wagered.

Payout Table

The table showing how much money each winning hand pays.

Payback payout

The opposite of house edge; the amount of money for every dollar that comes into the casino that is returned to the players.


The amount of money you receive when you get a winning hand.


Random Number Generator, the program that randomly selects the cards to be dealt.

Short Pay

As opposed to a full pay machine, a short pay machine does not offer the highest payouts. These machines usually have play options that make it more likely to get winning hands to make up for the lower amount of money given for each one.

Video Poker in the 1980s

In the 1980s video poker machines could be seen in almost every casino. The first variations of the original machine appeared thanks to the inclusion of jokers. Examples of such additions are the Joker Poker and Deuces Wild, two of the best known models of video poker.

Video Poker in the 1990s

At the end of the 20th century, in 1994, online casinos offering video poker began to emerge. Due to the characteristics of video poker machines, the adaptation of these machines to online gaming rooms was quick and successful.

Thanks to the advent of online video poker, the number of different machines increased. Today there are all kinds of video poker machines. Players have their gaming machines tailored to their needs.

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