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Understanding Motorsport Bets

Liberalisation of sports betting

Since the liberalisation of sports betting, there has been an abundant and diversified range of bets covering almost all sports disciplines, including motor sports. 

Motor sport betting covers a wide range of disciplines from Formula 1 Grand Prix to motorbike Grand Prix and rally championships. However, given the excitement and popularity of sports betting, motor sports betting is not necessarily the most popular. Most of the basic bets on offer revolve around the winners, the driver or the team that has triumphed.

The particularity of motor sports betting lies in the fact that the odds are more reliable in that the outcome of a competition or race is not directly linked solely to the physical capabilities of the sportsman or woman, but above all to the vehicle’s performance, the team’s strategy and the driver’s skill. In other words, the combination of the best driver and the best technical team will certainly constitute a very strong probability of victory, except in exceptional cases.

Bets are also offered on qualifying and pole position status. In most cases, this pole-position status places the driver who benefits from it in the position of favourite. Except in cases where a title can be won in a single race, motor sport related bets present opportunities for large wins that are low due to the physiognomy of the type of racing.

In order to overcome this deficiency and increase the odds, some sports betting venues have introduced a system of “live” betting, i.e. the possibility to place bets not before but during the race, depending on the evolution and configuration of the competition. This will considerably boost the interest of betting in this discipline and will make it possible to bet on all sorts of parameters and events such as the number of feeds, pit stops, rankings during the race…

Live betting increases the excitement and pleasure of betting tenfold. An in-depth knowledge of the strategies employed by the teams combined with a good evaluation of the driver’s behaviour will undoubtedly enable the bettors to optimise their winning prospects.

Motor sports and Formula 1

Motor sports and Formula 1 in particular offer more than 150 types of sports betting, undeniably an inexhaustible source of bets and potential winnings. Today, it is possible to bet on the vast majority of the parameters that determine the course of the competition and the outcome of a race or championship.

For those wishing to try their hand at betting on motor sports but who do not have a real motor racing culture, some online sports betting sites have set up a chat system allowing insiders and outsiders to exchange and share their points of view. Similarly, the opinions and predictions of certain experts are made available to the Internet user on most betting sites in order to help and advise the bettor in the best possible way.

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