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Basically, you have to distinguish between slot machine tricks and slot machine tips. For tricks are rather approaches to outsmart the system. Tips, on the other hand, are helpful hints that help you get the most out of your casino game. And that is exactly what this article is about. The stories above are very interesting, but unfortunately you won’t make more money because of them. Instead, you should follow the following slot machine tips to win as much money as possible in online casinos in a “natural” way.

Slot machine tips to win

Set yourself a fixed budget and never go over it

It is important that as a player in a casino you never lose control. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. However, it becomes problematic when you throw good money after bad money. It can always happen that you have a run of bad luck in the casino. Therefore, set yourself a fixed budget before you start playing. Make sure you stick to this budget. No matter what happens. If you lose, accept it for what it is. Remember that you have won on other occasions. What you should not do, however, is reload the casino account in the hope of recovering previous losses.

Understand how slot machines affect us

Pay attention to how slot machines work. It is often the case that you win in almost every round. However, these winnings are often lower than the bet you made to play the game. So with slot machines, you can quickly get the subjective impression that you are on a lucky streak and winning all the time. Nevertheless, the account balance in the online casino keeps going towards zero. Therefore, always pay attention to the account balance. Even if the slot machine makes you feel like you are winning all the time.

Live with loss aversion

Our brain works in a pretty interesting way. It has long been shown that losses trigger a worse pain than wins trigger a feeling of happiness. You certainly know this yourself when you receive a lot of praise and then every now and then there is a critical comment. The critical comment lingers far longer than all the positive comments. This is exactly the same principle in gambling.

If you win $50.00, for example, your brain is happy and releases happiness hormones. However, if you lose $25.00, this is far worse and more painful for your brain than winning $50.00. What helps against this? A simple strategy from the fund of slot machine tricks: Just be aware of the loss aversion when you lose and therefore have a particularly bad feeling. What can help is to put the loss into perspective.

If you have played sensibly, the loss should also not be so high that it hurts. You can then always argue with yourself and tell yourself that you would have spent the same amount if you had gone out to eat or taken a taxi somewhere. At the same time, you can tell yourself that next time you simply won’t take a taxi, but go somewhere and thereby make up for the loss.

Keep your money safe during lucky streaks

If you do hit a lucky streak, make sure you put the money in a safe place. Don’t keep playing until your account balance is lower than the amount you originally deposited. Let’s say you have $50.00 in your casino account and by a bit of luck you win $150.00. And here comes the slot machine trick: Simply set yourself a limit.

Tell yourself, for example, that you are willing to gamble another $50.00 of the winnings. Then continue to play until the $50.00 is used up. However, if the losing streak continues, simply withdraw the remaining amount to your account and call it a day. You will still have won $100.00. And nothing is more painful than losing a big win by continuing to gamble and then ultimately even leaving your own bet in the casino and leaving empty-handed. Of course, this only works after you have fulfilled the turnover requirements for a casino bonus.

Stop when it’s at best

Therefore, stop when it is most beautiful. Especially after big wins, you still feel like putting your luck to the test. However, it is sensible to take this old advice seriously. Sooner or later you will have to stop playing in the casino anyway. It is therefore doubly nice if you can do so with a good feeling and have some extra money in your pocket. Always remember that you can also use this money for fun activities, such as an unplanned evening at the cinema or a fine dinner.
Don’t believe in myths

If, on the other hand, by slot machine tricks you mean a way to help you influence the outcome of the game, the chances are less good. After all, manipulating slot machines is almost impossible these days. 

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